Aerial view of Santa Fe

Look through our gallery below to see some of Santa Fe's best highlights, then read below to learn about the unique events and sights you can discover in Santa Fe. Staying with us at the Old Santa Fe Inn is a perfect way to enjoy all The City Different has to offer!


Fiestas & Zozobra
In Santa Fe, the fall season means one thing: fiestas! For over 300 years, New Mexicans have celebrated the peaceful reoccupation of the City of Holy Faith by Don Diego DeVargas in 1692. It’s a celebration like none other kicking off with the burning of Zozobra, ending with festivities on the Plaza, and including everything from parades to dances, church masses, and chants of “¡Que Viva!” inbetween.

Indian Market
Native American culture is a large part of New Mexico, and specifically, Santa Fe. Each August, Downtown streets are filled with locals and tourists alike, coming together to celebrate the unique and distinct beauty of Native American culture. From vendors and artists, to food and traditional Native American dances—the plaza is filled with true Native American heritage—and you’ll be at the heart of it all.

Spanish Market
New Mexico wouldn’t be New Mexico without its Spanish heritage, and each July, Santa Fe celebrates exactly that. A collection of Spanish artists and vendors set up booths in the Plaza to share their culture and sell their goods. It’s an event loved by both locals and tourists, made complete with delicious Spanish food, music, and festivities.

History & Landmarks

The Cathedral
Its architectural beauty precedes its reputation as one of the most stunning and historic churches in all of New Mexico: The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis de Assisi. It’s been a Santa Fe Staple for over 130 years, sitting at the heart of the Plaza. Whether you attend a Sunday service or simply admire its beauty—we assure you, you’ll be in awe.

Loretto Chapel
Equally admired for both its architecture and history, the Loretto Chapel was once a church, but has since been transformed into a wedding venue and historic museum. If you’ve ever come across the well-known picture of a spiral staircase—that’s in the Loretto Chapel, often described as inexplicable and an architectural mystery, as it has no supporting center. Sitting at the end of the Old Santa Fe Trail, all roads lead to the Loretto Chapel, and you’re only a short walk away.

The Lensic
The Lensic has been Santa Fe’s main entertainment hub since 1931, hosting a variety of acts, including singers, dancers, musicians, comedians, and beyond. Its structure and architecture is equally as stunning as the performances and performers who grace the stage. If you’re looking for a night of entertainment and history, get a ticket to The Lensic.

Cross of the Martyrs
Just a few blocks northeast of Downtown Santa Fe stands the Cross of the Martyrs. Established as a memorial of a late priest, the 20-foot cross now serves as one of the city’s best view spots, overlooking the Plaza and cityscape and offering prime views of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, sunsets, and the night sky.


Hyde Park
If you’re looking to get out and get active in Santa Fe, Hyde Park is the place! Only a short (and beautiful) drive from Downtown, Hyde Park offers stunning views and a variety of mountain activities. Watch the aspen leaves change colors in the fall, ski in the winter, go star gazing, hike a trail, or camp year-round.

Galleries & Museums
Whether to explore modern art or take a step back in time, Downtown Santa Fe’s museums and galleries offer plenty of opportunities to do both. Visit the infamous Georgia O'Keeffe Museum or discover some of the best local and national artists. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Shopping in Santa Fe is unlike anything else, because what Santa Fe has to offer is unlike anything anywhere. From Native American pottery and jewelry to Spanish-inspired decor and clothing—all it takes is one walk through the plaza and you’ll discover why shopping in Santa Fe is an experience all on its own.

Food & Drink
Here in Santa Fe, we take food seriously. It’s our pride and joy, and a carefully crafted practice that’s been passed down for generations. A fuse between Spanish and Native American cuisine, New Mexican food is a tradition of its own, featuring tortillas, sopapillas, posole, frijoles, and the state’s most beloved delicacy at the center of it all: chile. Luckily for you, many of the city’s best restaurants are just a quick walk away, and of course, you can expect some of the best drinks to match, like margaritas, sangria, and bloody marys